ChargePoint Express is the newest generation of fast DC chargers that the California-based electric vehicle infrastructure company has to offer. These chargers are perfect for a quick battery boost every time owners of electric vehicles have to stop even for just a few minutes. As such, they are best suited for places with a high turnover of people, like shopping malls, parking lots of larger corporations and businesses, or hospitals and other public places.

They fully leverage the power of ChargePoint’s network and cloud services to offer an unprecedented utility and convenience for a very attractive price. Like all products from the company, they also come with their signature support services that are designed to cover all stages of the installation and configuration processes all the way up to the day-to-day operation.

Currently, there are two different DC express chargers that customers can choose from: ChargePoint Express 100 and ChargePoint Express 200.

ChargePoint Express 100 DC Commercial Charging Station

The Express 100 is one of the smallest and most affordable DC chargers currently available. It offers charging speeds of up to 100 miles per one hour of charging and is designed to be used in public places. That means high reliability with isolated electronic components to prevent any possibility of an accident happening and compatibility of the vast majority of electronic vehicles that are capable of DC charging.

The charger can be mounted on a wall or on an optional stand. It comes with a handy cable and connector storage mechanism to house the single charging cable when not in use. The Express 100 works on 400-480VAC and requires a 3-pole 40A breaker on a dedicated circuit. Maximum charging current is 62A.

Extra features include a 2-line LCD status display and a card reader compatible with ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 standards, as well as NFC cards and chips. The device is ETL certified and designed to pass even the most rigorous safety and efficiency standards.

ChargePoint Express 200 DC Commercial Charging Station

The Express 200 is the most powerful DC charger manufactured by ChargePoint. At 50kW and 200 miles of range per hour of charging, it packs more than double the power of the Express 100. It comes with a Japanese CHAdeMO connector and also a regular SAE Combo Connector. This makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles – something that business owners and their employees will definitely appreciate.

Its relatively light weight and the small form factor greatly reduces the price for shipping and makes the installation process more convenient. Furthermore, since the Express 200 is the only liquid cooled DC charger on the market, the total cost of maintenance is drastically reduced.

The charger is able to output a maximum current of 125A, and the input voltage for charging is 480VAC. The device is UL listed and complies with UL 2202, UL 2231-1, UL 2231-2 safety regulations.

What We Like

  • ChargePoint Assure – ChargePoint isn’t afraid to stand behind their products. The company offers a one-year long warranty that covers all defects and problems that the owner of the station could experience. If something happens, they will quickly come and fix or replace the station.
  • Up-time guarantee – 98 percent uptime guarantee and 1 business day response time to failures is hard to come by these days. There are plenty of companies that wouldn’t hesitate to leave their customers on their own, and seeing that ChargePoint is always ready to help is a breath of fresh air.
  • Detailed analytics and monitoring – Each station come with detailed analytics and monthly reports that provide a neat overview of all key performance metrics and help owners better adjust their pricing and optimize the station for maximum efficiency.
  • ChargePoint Cloud Services – ChargePoint owns and operates the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations and each new member of this network can enjoy the ability to remotely configure access control, set pricing, and connect with EV drivers and other charging stations.
  • Installation assistance – ChargePoint is ready to fully assist with everything from the initial site qualification and preparation for installation and ongoing maintenance. There’s no need to waste time on things that are beyond your expertise. You can leave everything to trained professionals and industry experts who have been certified by ChargePoint.

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot charge to 100% – The nature of DC charging makes it unsafe to charge to 100 percent capacity. As a result, charging is usually interrupted at around 80 percent. This could surprise people who are not familiar with the technology and make them feel like the charger is actually defective.


Fast DC chargers, sometimes referred to as Level 3, are a fantastic option for public and commercial places that want to offer their customers and visitors a convenient way of charging their electric vehicles. They are still unique enough to attract curious owners, thus potentially bringing, even more, clients to the particular business.