The CT4000 family of commercial and public chargers from ChargePoint represents the latest and greatest of electric vehicle charging technology. The new stations are built upon ChargePoint’s extensive expertise that comes hand-in-hand with having more than 13,000 charging stations deployed in all corners of the world.

These charging stations are perfect for companies and organizations that would like to provide their employees with interesting incentives and become part of a steadily increasing group of forward-thinking innovators. According to ChargePoint’s own data, the number of electric vehicles has increased 10 times in the last 4 years.  Talented employees and prospective candidates value the added convenience of being able to charge their EVs right at work, thus increasing their mileage and flexibility.

ChargePoint has partnered up with one of the largest equipment finance companies, Key Equipment Finance, to offer attractive financing options with low fixed monthly payments on the charging. Pair that with their commercial business plans, quality and reliability assurance, or enticing partnership programs, and you get a very capable partner who you can rely upon for all your needs.

CT4000 Options

To fit various workplaces, businesses, retail properties, and public places, the CT4000 family of charging stations is available in several different configurations.

  • CT4011 – is a single port 6‘ tall bollard charger with 18‘ cord.

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  • CT4021 – is a dual port 6‘ tall bollard charger with two 18‘ cords.

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  • CT4025 – is a dual port 8‘ tall bollard charger with two 23‘ cords.

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  • CT4013 – is a single port 6‘ tall wall mounted charger with 18‘ cord.

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  • CT4023 – is a dual port 6‘ tall wall mounted charger with two 18‘ cords.

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  • CT4027 – is a dual port 8‘ tall wall mounted charger with two 23‘ cords.

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All ChargePoint CT4000 charging stations are designed with public and commercial use in mind, and are customizable with extensive branding options. These include two to three separate branding areas and a 5.7” LCD display capable of playing customizable video content.

Commercial Service Plan

One of the greatest things about partnering with ChargePoint is their exclusive cloud-based Commercial Service Plan, which includes management tools, data analysis, payment processing with a PCI-compliant solution known as Flex Billing, and even non-stop support.

All stations are securely connected to the cellular data network to allow owners easy administration and overview of all important statistics and metrics. The remote Analytics show energy usage, peak occupancy, the number of drivers, and provide a convenient way how to set fees and manage different groups of drivers.

What We Like

  • Fast charging: The ChargePoint CT4000 chargers provide Level 2 charging at a maximum rate of 25 miles of Range Per Hour or 7.2kW of charge via a standard SAE J1772TM charging port. Even though not all electric vehicles are able to utilize the full power of this charger, it’s very clear that Level 2 charging is the future. Even though there are some Level 1 vehicles out there, their total number is getting slimmer with each passing day.
  • Robust, maintenance-free operation: ChargePoint CT4000 chargers incorporate a so-called Clean Cord Technology. This refers to a proprietary self-retracting, maintenance free, ultra-lightweight cord management system that keeps cables from loosely hanging on the ground when drivers forget to put them back into their designated place.
  • Customization: All stations are built with customization in mind and feature several areas designated solely for branding purposes. The spacious LCD screen is able to play video content to entice users of the station with interesting commercials and informative spots.
  • Accessibility: The ChargePoint CT4000 chargers can be operated under all weather conditions using an interactive touch-button system. This system provides a fantastic alternative to popular touch-screen displays. It’s much more robust than regular glass panels and is more suitable for people with disabilities. Additionally, the system that powers the charger has been translated into English, French, and Spanish.
  • Cloud-based solution: All chargers are a part of a single network and owners and end users can take advantage of many benefits it provides. ChargePoint’s cloud-based services allow for customization of pricing policies and access control management from virtually anywhere, give owners the ability to easily produce usage reports, and make lives of users much easier by displaying the station on a map in the included smartphone application.
  • Excellent support: ChargePoint takes great care to provide their customers with excellent support and quality assurance. They guarantee 98% annual uptime, 1 business day response time, and offer a proactive station monitoring, and repair services. Their skilled technicians are more than happy to assist with location selection and act as reliable partners from start to finish.

What We Don’t Like

  • Slower charging in dual mode: The ChargePoint CT4000 family of commercial chargers is able to share a single 40A feed to charge two cars simultaneously at 240V. In comparison, the previous version required two individual 40A fees. The only drawback is that charging two cars at the same time takes more time.
  • Lack of 120V option: Despite the fact that almost all modern EVs use 240V for charging, there are still plenty of older models and converted vehicles that use 120V. ChargePoint doesn’t offer any solution that would cater to this demographic.
  • Higher cost: ChargePoint CT4000 commercial EVSE chargers represent the very best of what’s currently available. As such, new owners have to be prepared to pay extra for the large assortment of advanced features and excellent build quality of the unit. It’s understandable that not all businesses can afford to spend thousands of dollars on an EV charger and will, instead, opt for some cheaper alternative.


All things considered, level 2 commercial chargers from ChargePoint are the very best that the world of networked public charging has to offer. The chargers themselves are beautifully designed, robust, and are packed with advanced features that make life easier for both the end user and the owner. When you add ChargePoint’s excellent service and management tools, you get a winning product.


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