BOCK POWER advertises itself as a premium brand of electric vehicle service stations, and it is distributed and sold exclusively through EV Charging Store Inc., located in California. The company leverages their knowledge and experience as a premium automotive performance parts supplier to create innovative products that want to stir the water of the EV industry and show everyone that even relatively unknown brands can make a big entrance and convince customers that they have a lot to offer.

Chargers by BOCK POWER can by mostly spotted all over Europe, particularly in Germany. Their latest product, the BOCK POWER FS-3 level 2 plug-in electric vehicle charger operates on 240V and outputs 7.2kW of power. As such, it can charge a typical electric vehicle up to 5X faster than standard level 1 cord sets that operate on just 120v. The charger includes an 18 ft cable with SAEJ1772 connector, compatible with all electric vehicles on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at this device to see how it measures up against existing competition consisting mostly of established players with a proven track record when it comes to doing business in the United States.

What We Like

  • Very easy to use: The BOCK POWER FS-3 EV Charger will appeal to all users who like to keep things simple. The body of the charger features only three small LED indicator lights, which inform the user about the readiness of the charger, current charging status, and faults. The lights are adequately bright to be visible even under direct sunlight. The charger does everything automatically without any user input; all it takes to start charging is to plug it into an electric vehicle. This simplicity makes for a great first impression and a hassle-free day-to-day user experience.
  • Sleek design: For some reason, the charger looks much better in person than it does in pictures. The simple white case with a very slight curvature to it nicely blends in with the wall and makes you forget that the charger is even there until you look at it directly. When you do, you’ll see the red and black logo of BOCK POWER, three LED diodes stacked on top of each other, and nothing else. Simplicity at its finest.
  • Robust: The case is quite sturdy and gives us plenty of confidence in its ability to survive harsh treatment. Durability is always a good sign, because it signals that the manufacturer believes that the product they are selling can serve well for many years.
  • Easy to install: The BOCK POWER FS-3 EV Charger plugs into an NEMA 6-50P outlet and can also be installed in a hardwired configuration. That’s because the enclosure is rated as “raintight” for outdoor use and is weatherproof. The entire installation process shouldn’t take more than just a few hours even if the person installing the unit has only a limited experience with this kind of electrical installation. BOCK POWER made sure to include comprehensive installation booklet with the charger that explains all steps in a great detail.
  • External inlet: Most electric vehicle chargers that are currently available on the market have inlets built directly into the body of the charger. This approach speeds up the installation and makes for a nicely integrated unit, but it also deprives owners of the ability to customize things to fit their own needs and unique situation. With the external inlet that ships with all BOCK POWER FS-3 chargers, you can decide where exactly you would like to store the charging cable and how far from the charger should it be. You can spread it across the length of the wall, or you can position it in such a way that it is just an arms length away from the charging port on your car.
  • Fast charging: The BOCK POWER FS-3 EV Charger will take approximately 3-4 hours to charge a Nissan LEAF from 0 to 100%, which is up to 5 times faster than what you would get with a Level 1 charger. The extra charging speed is a must have feature for those who use their electric vehicles on a daily basis and can’t afford to end up dead in the water just because their home charging unit takes ridiculously long time to completely recharge the battery.
  • Proven technology: There are more than 14,000 BOCK POWER chargers installed in Europe. All of these chargers are UL Safety Listed and proven to operate under all conditions. The manufacturer stands behind its product by giving all customers one-year long factory warranty.
  • Good price: We were pleasantly surprised to find out that this charger is very affordable even though it can easily rival more expensive models from competition that offer roughly the same functionality and build quality.

What We Don’t Like

  • No smart features: One thing that can be definitely criticized about this charger is the distinct lack of any smart features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with the NEST home thermostat, the ability to wirelessly control the charging progress or take advantage of off-peak hours. One way how it’s possible to correct this downside is to use JuicePlug from Electric Motor Werks, a universal smart EV charging adapter called. This small, WiFi-connected adapter attaches to a regular charging cable and adds all common smart features and Internet connectivity. The best thing about it is that no tools are required for the installation.


We can definitely see why the BOCK POWER FS-3 EV Charger is so popular in Europe. It represents a well-designed, affordable option for everyone seeking an easy-to-use Level 2 charging solution for their home. The lack of smart features can be dealt with using existing technology, such as the JuicePlug from Electric Motor Werks, and it keeps the price of the unit low for those who can live without the extra features.


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