Blink HQ is a new line of home electric vehicle service stations from a manufacturer who has a vast experience gained from managing more than 4,000 public chargers connected to their Blink Network. Their Blink HQ 30-Amp home electric vehicle charger can charge up to four times faster than Level 1 chargers that often come with electric vehicles. What’s more, the charger comes with a $100 bonus credit on Blink’s broad-based public charging network, so customers can try out what it’s like to charge their vehicles on the go.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what exactly the Blink HQ 30-Amp has to offer and see how the charger stands up against its competition.

What We Like

  • Beautiful design: If we would place next to each other, let’s say, 10 different chargers and would make you guess which one is the most expensive, chances are that you would answer “Blink HQ”. Indeed, the shiny black outer casing with green LED indicator light is highly appealing and premium-looking. Even the small Blink logo is aesthetically pleasing and neatly matches the sleek exterior. A charger like this one shouldn’t be hidden somewhere in a dusty corner. Instead, it should be proudly displayed where everyone can see and admire its elegant, modern design.
  • Compact: Not only is the charger nice to look at, but it’s also easy to install, because of its small footprint. An inlet for plug storage is integrated directly into the charger, while a convenient cable hanger is installed separately wherever you see fit. Most people will place it directly under the charger, but it’s also possible to install it a few feet away to spread the cable on a wall.
  • Durable, long cord: The charging cord measures 18 feet and seems to be more durable than many other brands. Both of its ends feature proper stress relievers to prevent any damage from a frequent, repeated use from occurring. The generous length allows users to easily reach just about anywhere in their garage and comfortably charge their vehicle no matter how they park.
  • Delay timer: The delayed start time options add extra convenience by letting owners charge on their own schedule, thus avoid peak utility rates. Most other chargers in the same price range are without this useful feature, so it’s rather surprising to find it for such a great price.
  • LED indicator display: On the front panel is a well-designed LED indicator display that shows vehicle’s charging status to inform the owner about how much time still remains until the car is fully charged. We couldn’t help but instantly fall in love with the way it looks, not to mention how useful it is to be able to at a glance if everything goes as it should.
  • Fast charging: Compared to 120V charging cords, which can take as long as 12 hours to get a full charge, the Blink HQ’s 240V, 30-Amp can charge nearly 4 times faster, and it even knows when to turn on to save you some money on your electricity bill.
  • Access to a vast charging network: Blink gives a free membership to the over 4,000 charging stations in the Blink Network to all people who decide to purchase their home EVSE. As a bonus, new customers receive a $100 bonus credit that expires 6 months after purchase, so you have plenty of time to use all your credit.
  • Blink Mobile app: The free Blink Mobile app allows users to find chargers, get updates, and check their account from anywhere. An extra feature like this is, in our opinion, more than welcomed, since virtually all users of electric vehicle charging stations own a smartphone device and would be keen on using it for all above mentioned things.
  • Qualified installers: Blink has partnered with qualified installers across the country and they are happy to connect their customers with someone who can help them prepare their garage even before the station arrives and, of course, take care of the installation itself.
  • Money-back guarantee: The Blink HQ 30-Amp electric vehicle service equipment comes with 30-day money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer service. If there’s just one thing that doesn’t meet your expectations, you are free to return the charger and get all your money back.

What We Don’t Like

  • The cable cannot be connected from behind the wall: One customer pointed out online that this EVSE cannot take the cable from directly behind where it’s mounted on the wall. He continued by explaining that “you HAVE to buy some conduit, like flex, and then that conduit pretty much has to connect to a surface mount junction box.” It’s possible that this would be a bit limitation for a few individuals, like the gentleman who shared his issues, but we suspect that most will never notice this limitation even exists.


The Blink HQ 30-Amp home electric vehicle charger dazzled us with its great looks and surprised us with an excellent built quality and a great set of features. On top of them, all customers get an instant access to their large network of chargers, so they can try what it would be like to use Blink’s services even for on-the-go charging.


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