AeroVironment TurboDock is a low cost and easy-to-use commercial and workplace charging station with integrated access control mechanism. This station answers the need of many business owners who would like to encourage their employees to invest in modern, renewable solutions by providing them with a convenient charging solution that they could use while at work.

A reliable charging solution, such as AeroVironment TurboDock, is also a fantastic way how employers can attract better employees, thus make the company stronger and potentially more profitable. Modern professionals like to work for companies who share the same values as they do, and who go the extra mile when it comes to implementation of various amenities and enticements.

AeroVironment TurboDock is certified by leading electric vehicle manufacturers to guarantee maximum reliability over a long period of time. Its access control leverages the technology we already carry with us everywhere we go and comes without any reoccurring fees, which makes for a very cost efficient day-to-day operation.

Modular Approach

Unlike many other chargers, AeroVironment TurboDock is designed to be fully modular to facilitate changing needs of businesses. Each unit can be configured exactly to customer’s liking to service up to 4 vehicles at the same time.

The charger itself is referred to as a “Module” and is comparable in its function to regular wall-mounted units. The only difference is that it requires a special mount. It has a very sleek design with gray stripes running down from the central panel to the cord. The top of the charger houses a display, which provides users with basic information. The SAE J1772 connector is the same as the one found on AeroVironment’s TurboCord and home EV charging station. It has been thoroughly tested for safety and designed to last a long time.

When it comes to mounting the module, there are two options available: a wall mount or a pedestal mount. They both cost the same, but the pedestal mount can hold up to 4 modules, while the wall mount can hold just 2. Besides this, they both work exactly the same, and the choice between them will depend solely on what’s more convenient in terms of installation.

TurboDock Versus AeroVironment RS

It’s worth noting that TurboDock isn’t the only commercial solution from AeroVironment that’s available. The company also offers a commercial version of their home charging units. Or, more specifically, a commercial pedestal mount for installation of the home charger.

This pedestal mount comes in a single charger and dual charger configuration and is fully weather resistant and highly durable. Its design is much plainer than TurboDock’s, but this isn’t something that would discourage most businesses.

However, there’s one major difference between TurboDock and AeroVironment RS that actually matters a lot: TurboDock operates on 16A, while AeroVironment RS works at 30A. This makes TurboDock suitable predominantly for hybrid vehicles with lower capacity batteries.

What We Like

  • Bluetooth-enabled: TurboDock uses Bluetooth technology to facilitate convenient access control and easy operation. It’s compatible with all devices that support Bluetooth 4.0, including iPhone 4S or newer, iTouch 5th Gen, or any Android device running Android 4.3 or later. We believe that using smartphones for access control is greatly preferable over key fobs or individual access cards, since almost everybody carries one all the time.
  • Modular: Because AeroVironment TurboDock is designed as a modular solution, businesses can configure it exactly according to their individual needs and can expand over time as their fleet of electric vehicles grows larger. The basic setup houses just a single charger, but it’s possible to fit up to 4 chargers into one pedestal unit. On top of this, owners can decide whether to mount the unit on the wall or as a free-standing pedestal unit. AeroVironment recognizes that inflexible solutions mean compromises, and they came up with a way how to accommodate individual preferences of their customers.
  • Access management: Many existing corporate charging solutions have no support for access management. This means that anybody can walk up to the charge and use it as they wish. While the this adds only negligible extra cost for the company, it can create unpleasant problems when the particular charging spot is occupied by somebody who shouldn’t really be using it. TurboDock comes with free access control and smartphone application that lets owners easy switch between open access mode and employee only mode.
  • Easy upgrades: As a modern solution, AeroVironment TurboDock runs a complex software that facilitates the charging itself, but also provides users with extra features and communication interface. AeroVironment works hard to constantly upgrade their software and keep it as bug-free as possible. TurboDock can be upgraded through the smartphone application without a direct hardware access. This means no unnecessary slowdowns and excellent up-time.

What We Don’t Like

  • Slower charging: The one thing we don’t like about AeroVironment TurboDock is how slow the charging is. The charger operates only at 16A and 240V or 16A and 120V. A solid 40A home charger will be able to charge an average electric vehicle 3x faster. Still, you should, at least, be able to compensate for your trip to work.


AeroVironment TurboDock is a fantastic solution for modern businesses that would like to make the lives of their employees just a bit easier. The charger looks great in every single configuration and the included smartphone application empowers owners to assign access only to selected employees. It’s great for a solid boost while at work, but don’t think that it can totally replace your home charger.


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